Students raise cash for film production

Members of the Audax crew who raised the cash for the project
Members of the Audax crew who raised the cash for the project
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Film production students could be one step closer to producing the next ‘Space Odyssey: 2001’ after securing funding for a sci-fi feature film.

Students at the University of Central Lancashire have raised more than £5,000 on crowdfunding website ‘Kickstarter’ after appealing for help to supplement a year-long film project run as part of their degree course.

Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds for a project or venture via the internet.

UCLan’s film project is carried out by students in their second year of study and requires them to form their own production company with each member of the group taking on a different role to reflect jobs in the film industry.

The 25-strong group has raised the film’s budget themselves through sponsorships, personal contributions, events and a pitch to the dean of UCLan’s School of Journalism and Media.

The project gives students the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of film production while developing industry practice in a supportive environment.

Lecturer Chris Leonard said: “Getting films made is all about finding creative business solutions and to use a method such as crowdfunding shows just how in-touch the students are with the latest funding initiatives.

“It’s testament to each of the students, who have all surpassed themselves in their production team roles, demonstrating professionalism and determination throughout the project. What we’re witnessing is a real demonstration of entrepreneurship and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

The feature film screenplay titled ‘Audax’ was written by third year film production degree students and filming will start in April.