Students have an eye on the weather

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WEATHER boffins at a Lancashire university have set up their own meteorological station.

Edge Hill University’s geography department has built the weather station on the plant-covered ‘green roof’ of the Geosciences Building.

The station measures air temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure and relative humidity.

Live data from the automatic weather station is being uploaded around the clock.

Nigel Richardson, head of geography said: “As a department, we’ve had an automatic weather station for eight to 10 years, but it was getting quite old and a number of sensors were starting to give us problems so we purchased a new one.

“The new weather station has a data logger so it stores the data that it records, and links up to a computer enabling ‘live’ feeds, a feature that we really wanted.”

He added: “I teach weather and climate to our first and second year students, so the data from the weather station will be used in various practical exercises.

“For example, I ask students to try to interpret trends and changes in the different variables through using the data alongside synoptic charts available from the Met Office.”

In the past third year third year students have used longer data records - collated over four and five years - to investigate longer term variability in weather for their dissertation research projects.

Nigel is currently comparing the Edge Hill weather station’s recorded data with that from the Met Office station at Crosby, as a benchmarking exercise and although there will be some variability the data is expected to be very accurate.