Student life video project set to go viral

Making the UCLan mannequin video
Making the UCLan mannequin video
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The many stages of student live have been captured through a ‘mannequin challenge’ video that has already attracted a lot of attention on social media.

It was created by and featured current University of Central Lancashire students and staff from the School of Journalism, Media and Performance to encourage students to complete the National Student Survey.

They filmed, acted, directed and produced the video right down to the accompanying soundtrack composed by music production students.

One clip from the December graduation ceremonies, attracted almost 80,000 views in less than 24 hours on the university’s Facebook page.

Executive dean of the College of Culture and the Creative Industries Dr Andrew Ireland said: “We were really pleased when the graduation clip went viral on social media and people really bought into what we were trying to do.

Filming that sequence with such a large public crowd was a real fingers crossed moment hoping everyone would stay still for so long.

Now the whole film is complete, we’re hoping it will capture people’s imagination and inspire all our students to get involved with the NSS and make their voices heard.”

See the video at www.lep.co.uk