Siblings are focal point of award-winning photography

Elanor Marielle captured her twin brother on camera
Elanor Marielle captured her twin brother on camera
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ELANOR Marielle’s brothers are her inspiration-literally.

The 23-year-old’s touching photography of non-identical twins Conal and Xander have not only won her a coveted award but helped put the issues of autism in the spotlight.

Photography graduate Elanor, from Ashton, is attracting industry-wide attention with her poignant images of the boys, and their mum Vicky, after winning the coveted ‘Wooden Pencil’ award from high profile creative organisation D&AD as part of its New Blood competition.

The main focus of Middlesex University graduates collection is her family. It includes studies of the pair, now 21, as children and with their mum in and around their Preston home.

Former model Vicky cares for the boys, who were diagnosed with the condition when they were two, and Elanor has lived with their autism most of her life.

She is hoping to use her photography to highlight the issue help raise awareness and give people with the condition a voice.

Eleanor said; “Caring for people with autism is rewarding and incredibly difficult.

“Witnessing such innocence is both beautiful and terrifying; these people who often have no voice are some of the most vulnerable people in society.

“This set acts as a photographic language, visually expressing what many living with autism cannot express verbally.

“The images attempt to show the quiet gentleness of one of society’s most misunderstood minorities, and the effect it can have on their carers.”

Jane Harris, from the National Autistic Society, said “At the NAS, we know that art and culture play a central role in increasing public understanding about autism, so we’re delighted to see wonderful, thoughtful work by people like Elanor receiving the attention it deserves.”

The talented photographer got her first camera at the age of 13 and had her first photo published in the same year.

She is currently making a short film and has previously had work featured in the iconic Hunger magazine