Schools fears over scrapping of grading

David Fann
David Fann
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Lancashire’s headteachers fear schools will be left in Limbo by new assessment rules.

They fear 11 year olds could move up to secondary school without undergoing any formal assessment following Government plans to scrap the Sats levels system.

At present children are expected to achieve age-related target levels and in the last year at primary school are graded according to the standard of achievement in their Sats tests.

School leaders’ union NAHT has spearheaded a commission into school assessment and although the commission aimed to establish some national principles to ensure consistency, locally, headteachers say they are confused about how they are supposed to grade next year’s year six pupils before they move up to high school.

Schools are supposed to have detailed assessment policies in place by this September this year but so far there has been no move to create a universal system

David Fann is headteacher at Sherwood Primary in Fulwood, Preston, and primary spokesman for the NAHT national executive.

He said: “ While the present system of assessment isn’t ideal at lest we had some method of measure.

Schools are very, very concerned that the transition ( from primary to secondary school) is a very crucial time and needs to be handled carefully.

“While the exam system wasn’t great, the Government doesn’t like the teacher assessment element of levels and we are already half way through February with no alternative on the table.

“I don’t want to be the harbinger of doom but after this year the current system goes and no-one was come up with anything to replace it.”

The Department for Education says schools should be “free” to design their own systems but the NAHT commission has suggested schools adopt a national system.