Lynsey swaps nails job for a new career

Lynsey Semple
Lynsey Semple
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A beauty therapist who swapped nails for nursing after going back to school has proved she is a class act.

Lynsey Semple had been working in the beauty industry for 10 years when she decided she wanted a more challenging career.

After three years of study she has been awarded a first class honours degree in adult nursing from the University of Central Lancashire and now works in the plastic surgery and burns centre at Royal Preston Hospital.

Reflecting on her career change she said: “I owned my own business for a few years and had gone as far as I could in the beauty industry. I just thought it wasn’t a lifelong career and I wanted more of a challenge.

“I wanted to become a nurse because you make a difference to people’s lives. You’re caring for people and helping them to live a longer life.”

The 31-year-old originally returned to study a science course at Leyland’s Runshaw College, in order to gain the qualifications she needed to join UCLan.

Excited to be moving on with her new career she said: “It was three years of hard work and now I’m looking forward to getting started with my career.”

Lynsey added: “It was a little bit daunting going back to college after all that time. I always hated science at school but I enjoyed it and it prepared me for the UCLan course which was also really good.

“Second year was definitely challenging but thinking of my future career got me through it.”

Working as a qualified nurse has been challenging, but she has no regrets about her career change.

She said: “I didn’t have any experience in the burns and plastics unit as I hadn’t been on placement there, so it was brand new to me.

But I’m glad to have started something new and I always wanted to go into plastics so I was pleased to get a job in that department.

“The transition from student to nurse is quite difficult because you’ve got a lot more responsibility and as a student you’re always guided.

“I definitely feel like I’m settling in now and I’ve already decided that I’d like to become a specialist plastics nurse in the future.”