Lee: It’s okay to talk about cancer

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Talking about feelings isn’t something that comes easy to most men....especially when it comes to the death of a loved one.

University of Central Lancashire student Lee Macneall,who has just been elected as the incoming UCLan Students Union president, is hoping to change all that.

Lee Macneall has made a video as part of his studies about cancer, which is being adopted by MacMillan

Lee Macneall has made a video as part of his studies about cancer, which is being adopted by MacMillan

For the advertising scholar has produced a moving video which is being adopted by Macmillan Care to help 
people, especially men, deal with their emotions surrounding cancer.

His poignant message has already impressed Macmillan Preston and is now likely to be rolled out nationally.

Lee, who lives in Garstang Road, Preston, said: “I started a campaign back in January to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support as my mum was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and my dad died from cancer when I was 13.

“I’m an advertising student at UCLan and received a brief of my tutor to take something of no value and make it have value and meaning.

“So I used anger, and put it into a video talking about feelings to do with cancer.

“Currently I’ve raised around £1,500 on my own, by doing a cake sale, and a live waxing session at the University of Central Lancashire.

“I’m still raising money and receiving donations, and Macmillan have contacted me as they would like to use my video.”

Lee said that although he was only young when his dad died, he bottled up his feelings.

The 24-year-old added: “In the video I talk about anger and bottling things up.

“That’s what I did. It is what people do. It is taboo to talk about things like death and cancer, especially among men. Macmillan helped and I wanted to do something.

“I think people need to be more aware to the fact it’s okay to talk about cancer, and no one should suffer alone. I wanted to get the message across that people should talk.”

He made the video then put it on YouTube and was amazed at the reaction.

It has even been re-tweeted by a host of celebrities. To see his video go to lep.co.uk