Language Space set to open in Preston

Phil Bamber of the Language Space
Phil Bamber of the Language Space
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A language school is due to open in the centre of Preston next week promising a “distinctive” approach to teaching.

The Language Space at Cotton Court will begin classes from Monday, offering Spanish, French, German and Japanese at first.

And teachers described the facilities at the centre as “absolutely amazing”, and encouraged beginners to take part.

Teacher Phil Bamber said: “We’re offering Spanish, French, German and Japanese to begin with.

“And, of course, we’re also running English classes for non-native speakers.

“But we’re covering all levels, so even if you’re a complete beginner we’ll have a class running for you.”

Class sizes are going to be small, with the aim of students making progress by the end of a 10-week course.

Teachers will run casual events and also classes for those determined to learn a new language. Mr Bamber said there was nothing similar to the Language Space across the city.

He said: “We’ve been shopping around for the right space. The facilities at Cotton Court are absolutely amazing, there’s nothing else that even comes close to it in Preston.

“And the space is important, we want people who have never learned a language before to come to us and just enjoy the process of learning.

“We want to take beginners and help them build confidence to the point where they go off on their holidays and are like ‘Oh, OK, I understand what’s being said now’.”

He added: “That’s the joy of this job, this school, taking people to that point where they suddenly realise that they can speak Spanish or French or whatever. It’s its own reward in many ways.”

Linguist John Freeman added: “Those who are serious about learning to speak another language will have come to the right place. We are very definitely professionals at this, we’ve opened the school because we know what we’re doing and the results will speak for themselves.”

Call 01772 508118.