Lancashire schoolboy’s new enterprise selling like hot cakes

Ben Cannon with his Lazy Bake chocolate brownie
Ben Cannon with his Lazy Bake chocolate brownie
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SCH0OLBOY Ben Cannon’s plans for the future are coming along a treat.

For the sweet-toothed teen has already set up his own company and his products are selling like hot cakes.

The 18-year-old year 13 student at Lancaster Royal Grammar School set up The Lazy Bakery just before Christmas to produce his new microwavable chocolate brownie.

With an initial batch of 500, the pre-prepared mixture which, aptly named the Lazy Bake and only takes a minute to cook, is flying off the shelves.

It is being sold at four separate outlets in Lancaster and Morecambe and plans are afoot to break into the major supermarkets.

Ben said: “I made the recipe myself but the original idea came from two friends but one went to Australia and the other to university so I had to take it on.

“I pretty much redesigned the whole thing from the branding to the recipe.

I trialled hundreds of recipes over the last few months. I love chocolate so that wasn’t a hardship.”

And, there was no shortage of willing testers among his school pals at Lancaster Royal Grammar.

Ben added: “I tried it at first with a focus group then went he recipe was confirmed I had 500 pots manufactured.”
He initially went to a local bakery then set up a limited company operating out of a couple rooms at his parents warehouse on the White Lund industrial estate.

The young entrepreneur said: “It is just me and my mum, spooning the mixture into the pots. She guides me - and finances me.”

He has had a lot of support from school, especially the business department and is determined to succeed.

This summer he is taking the Cambridge Pre-U in business and management, and A-levels in English literature and history.

Ben said: “Running the business alongside my school work has proved difficult but rewarding as I get to see the business grow without sacrificing my education.

“On top of this, I am gaining knowledge through studying business and management which I can then begin to apply within the Lazy Bakery, making a more successful company.”

Now Ben shelve his university plans and go into the manufacturing business full-time.