Lancashire school’s wiki page re-written by hackers - to include visits from Pope

Holy Cross Catholic High School's  headteacher Ivan Gaughan
Holy Cross Catholic High School's headteacher Ivan Gaughan
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Proud headteacher Ivan Gaughan is always pleased when people wax lyrical about his school.

However, the Holy Cross High School boss got more than he bargained for when he logged onto the school’s Wikipedia page - it had been tampered with - but in a funny way.

Wikipedia is a free on-line encyclopedia, written corroboratively by the people who use it, and items on it can be updated - or changed- by anyone.

The changes to Holy Cross’s entry were all tongue in cheek - and have now been changed back.

Mr Gaughan, who took over the helm last April, reckons the re-write was done by either a pupil or past pupil because they clearly liked the place.

So, much so that they told the reading public that The Pope was so pleased with it he was a regular visitor and Mr Gaughan was even referred to as “Ivan the Awesome” a play on Ivan the Terrible.

The entry referred to various previous headteachers and said the school was now run by “The one and only Ivan, much like the figure, Ivan the Awesome, he is brilliant, A world class guy.”

The headteacher said: “We don’t approve of anyone doing it, and don’t want any one else changing the entry, but thankfully it didn’t offend anyone and was done in a humorous way.

“There are a few ‘in’ jokes in the piece so we think it’s either a pupil or a former pupil.

“It’s definitely someone who likes the school though - and me for some reason.

“I have never been referred to as Ivan the Awesome before – and probably never will again.”

The author of the changes made a few errors along the way, muddling up got the age range of the school and its geography,

The tampered entry stated: “The school provides education for approximately lots of pupils in the 11-31 age range, most of whom love Chorley itself and the surrounding villages of Chorley Borough, such as Moss Side and Somerset.”

It added: “It is also within part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the Vatican. It has received many visits from the Pope himself and he loves the school...pure greatness, excellency and dedication.

Mr Gaughan said: “The piece ended: “The school is a brilliant place to send any children giving them a secure education’ – that was spot on!”

The school, in Myles Standish Way, Chorley, was awarded a “good” grading by Ofsted in February 2014 and “outstanding” by the Archdiocese of Liverpool in March.