Global fame for boy who made a star

Jamie Edwards and his "PA" George Barker
Jamie Edwards and his "PA" George Barker
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A record-breaking schoolboy, who became the youngest person ever to build a nuclear fusion reactor, has been blown away by the global interest in his achievement.

Jamie Edwards, 13, built the reactor from scratch with the help of his school, and has now attracted interest from around the world.

The bright spark has been stopped while out shopping, approached by universities, and even congratulated by the former record holder who built a reactor aged 14.

The Penwortham Priory pupil, who turns 14 on Sunday, said the response to his story had been “brilliant”.

He said: “I’ve become a star - it’s massive now. People in Australia are reporting on it - it’s mad. It feels brilliant that I’m known all over the world, not just locally.”

Jamie said he had become a “celebrity over night”.

He said people had commented on his blog from Chile and America, and he had been invited to Liverpool and Manchester University to look around the labs.

Jamie said: “I go into the shop and people say: ‘Are you Jamie Edwards?’.

“But I am keeping my feet on the ground - I need to carry on with my school work and carry on with my other things I do like playing the trumpet and cycling and everything else I need to do.

“I don’t know how I find the time - I don’t think I sleep at the moment!”

Jamie, who hopes eventually to go into nuclear engineering or theoretical physics, said he had received an email from previous record holder Taylor Wilson congratulating him on his achievement.

But Jamie said he couldn’t have done it without his “PA” and good friend George Barker.

He said: “I definitely need him - I wouldn’t be able to keep the lab as such a tidy place. He is one of my best mates anyway so he has helped me along.”

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