Flower kids aim for Chelsea win

Classroom garden at Ashbridge School
Classroom garden at Ashbridge School
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THe gardens of England don’t begin and end in the south --- that’s the message hundreds of Lancashire schoolchildren are planning to spread to the world at Britain’s most prestigious flower show.

Budding young gardeners from Ashbridge Independent School and Nursery in Hutton, near Preston, are planning to make their mark at the Chelsea Flower Show later this month.

The Lindle Lane school has been invited to showcase it’s prized garden peas at the premier RHS show and no-one ismore delighted than head gardner Estelle Bryers.

The school made history last year when pupil produced a design for Southport Flower Show and also exhibited at Tatton in Cheshire, but Chelsea is the pick of the crop.

Estelle, who has been at he school f or two years ,said: “ Getting to Southport last year was a very big thing but Cheslea is by far the biggest display inthe biggest marquee at the biggest flower show in the world. You can’t get better than that.”

She added tha thse had always wanted to go to the event, but getting tickets is so difficult but using her contacts in the horticultural world managed to not only get tickets but also landed a chance for her pupils to be part of a major display.

The gardening club, which is so popular there are three different groups, were tasked with growing the Bingo peas sent by show organisers, but Estelle made sure every one of the 300 plus pupils at the school and nursery, including the tiny babies, were involved in the project by growing pea seeds.

She said: “ We were sent instructions and had to document and photograph the children and the peas at different stages .

“The peas for the show have now gone off.

“Other schools will be growing cabbages and lettuces etc. but we have had peas in on every window sill across the school as well as the show ones meith greenhouse and the children have even taken seeds home to grow. We got everyone involved.

“I think our school is the furthest north, most of the others are in the south and we what to mark sure people know that we have 300 gardeners here and I think it is really good that they will be able to show that we do a lot of gardening up here with a big gardening tradition in Lancashire.”

Estelle will be taking two pupils, yet to be chosen, to the event, which unfortunately take place during term time.