CLEARING TOP TIPS: Students give top tips on results

A level advice: Lauren Millar
A level advice: Lauren Millar
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Students from the Lancaster-based University of Cumbria have made a video who help people considering going through clearing after A level results day.

Lauren Millar, studied a BA (Hons) in Primary Teaching with Special Educational Needs and graduated in 2014.

The 23-year-old now works for the university as a graduate intern in Widening Participation Access.

She said: “In sixth form I made quite a rushed decision when it came to choosing universities and, looking back, I realised I had picked the wrong course.

“So I spoke to a few people for advice and they recommended a few universities and Cumbria was one of them.”

Joe Mannion, 20, has just finished his second year and changed his plans after clearing.

They’ve put together a list of tips to help:

1. Be Prepared. “Do your research. Even if you don’t meet the grade requirements, reach out to the universities and see what they might be able to offer you.” – Joe;

2. Have your details ready. “You’ll need your UCAS login, UCAS ID, qualifications and a pen and paper always helps!” – Lauren

3. Keep Calm. “There are thousands of people in the same situation, thousands have gone through it before and thousands will do it after. There’s no need to panic and get overly stressed.” - Joe ;

4. Pick up the phone. “Everyone was really friendly and helped me to make the right decision.” - Lauren :

5. If in doubt - still pick up the phone!

The hotline is 0808 178 7373

A level result lists will be in tomorrow’s Lancashire Evening Post and on