Chris plans to ‘scoot’ along the Guild Wheel

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An intrepid, fundraiser from Preston who has multiple sclerosis is to take on the challenge of going round the Guild Wheel on a mobility scooter to raise money for the MS Society.

Chris Mulholland, 62, will scooter round the route on Thursday.

Chris Mulholland who is doing a sponsored scoot the length of the Guild Wheel

Chris Mulholland who is doing a sponsored scoot the length of the Guild Wheel

She was originally hoping to raise £500 but due to the amount of support she got Chris has upped her target to £1,500.

Chris was told she had secondary progress multiple sclerosis in 2006, but apparently it had started 10 years earlier according to doctors.

At first she didn’t tell many people and covered it up but as her walking became worse she let more people know and now can be seen using her scooter to get about.

Chris, who is retired now but used to work on the tills at Booths in Fulwood, said “I have had a lot of help and encouragement from the MS Society with physio and exercise classes and friendship. I really want to give something back.”

Although she enjoyed walking before the illness took hold, the grandmother -of-one hasn’t done anything like this before.

This is the first sponsored event that Chris has done.

“It will be a real challenge for me. I suffer with chronic fatigue and keeping going for several hours will be very hard.”

Family, friends and the local MS Society are all very supportive.

Training for the challenge was going well. Chris started to explore the Guild Wheel. “I could get my scooter through the gates, even the really tricky one beyond ASDA.” Then disaster struck.

Chris discovered her scooter would only travel at 4mph and the battery lasts for around 20 miles and that under test conditions and the Wheel is 21.2miles.

But Preston’s Millercare Motability Specialists came to the rescue, loaning her a much larger scooter capable of 35 miles.

There is still the problem of the cattle grids and one very steep twisty hill.

Chris says: “I’ll worry about those on the day.”

You can sponsor Chris Mulholland at:

For more information about the MS Society go to: