Dropping litter on car parks leads to court fines

Coun Adrian Lowe, of Chorley Council
Coun Adrian Lowe, of Chorley Council
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Two men who were seen dropping litter on car parks in Chorley now face large bills.

Chorley Magistrates’ Court heard Lewis Barrow, 21, of Milton Road, Coppull, was seen opening the door of a parked van on Portland Street car park and putting a brown paper bag on the floor.

He was approached by two PCSOs who told him he had committed an offence of littering, and he put the bag in a bin.

He was given a fixed penalty notice, which he failed to pay.

In court, he pleaded guilty and was fined £75. He was also ordered to pay £200 costs and £20 victim surcharge.

Stephen Helm, 31, of Stockdale Crescent, Bamber Bridge, was fined £200 and ordered to pay costs of £539, plus a victim surcharge of £20, for dropping litter on Chorley Retail Park car park.

He failed to appear in court and was found guilty of littering in his absence after magistrates were told he had been seen dropping litter from the window of a car parked on Chorley Retail Park car park.

He was also issued with a fixed penalty notice which he failed to pay.

Coun Adrian Lowe said: “They’d eaten the food and then just dumped their rubbish out of their vehicles.

“There really is no excuse for doing that, there are litter bins on these car parks which they could have placed their rubbish in.”