Drivers in pedestrian zone alert

County Coun John Fillis
County Coun John Fillis
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Drivers who park in a town centre pedestrian zone have been warned they face stiff fines from next week.

County Hall traffic chiefs introduced new regulations in the main shopping area of Ormskirk on Thursday to “improve the environment for shoppers and visitors.”

And while offenders who ignore the rules will be given an initial warning, drivers have been told they will be booked if they do it again.

“The new parking restrictions support the recent environmental improvements to provide a better experience for businesses, shoppers, visitors and everyone who lives and works in Ormskirk,” said Coun John Fillis, LCC cabinet member for highways and transport.

“We will issue warnings rather than penalty notices for the first week to be fair to anyone who isn’t aware of the change. However, we will also keep a record of vehicles which have received a warning and issue a penalty to any repeat offenders.”

The revised approach to managing traffic in the central shopping area follows improvements to paving and street furniture in Moor Street carried out earlier this year.

The restrictions allow access only for vehicles which need to make deliveries to businesses in Aughton Street, Burscough Street, Church Street and Moor Street from 7am to 10am, and 4pm to 7pm.