Drag football match helps boost Bradley’s campaign

THREE CHEERS: Footballers in Drag for Bradley Moyles in Grange, Preston
THREE CHEERS: Footballers in Drag for Bradley Moyles in Grange, Preston
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Grown men got dolled up to the nines and raised thousands of pounds at a charity football match to help change the life of a young boy.

Bradley Moyles, eight, suffers from cystic fibrosis and his mother Louise has organised a summer of fundraisers to buy a special physio vest that could radically improve her son’s life.

Louise, 41, from Ribbleton, Preston, arranged the kick- about and was inspired to fundraise by a woman’s magazine.

She said: “I actually got the idea for the vest from Take a Break magazine. I popped round to my friend’s for a brew, picked up the magazine and it has all gone from there.

“We organised a charity football match for over 30s versus under 30s all dressed in drag.

“Everyone has really embraced the theme, they had a good chuckle and we’ve raised £1,462 on the day. My friends Katrina Humes and Tracey Hughes raised over £500 walking from Blackpool Tower to the Gamull Pub in Longridge Road, Ribbleton.

“We are over the moon, we have collected just over £2,000 from our first set of organised events.”

The family is aiming to raise more than £7,000 to buy the ‘smart vest’ that the 
National Health Service is 
unable to fund.

Cystic fibrosis affects the lungs and the mucus affecting cells in the body and sufferers need intensive physiotherapy to keep their breathing clear.

This new vest inflates and decreases rapidly and applies gentle pressure to the chest wall like a massage to loosen and thin the mucus – providing an intense form of physio.

The physio equipment uses High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation technology and consists of a wearable vest surrounding an inflatable air bladder, a programmable air compressor and a hose connecting the two.

Louise said: “At the moment I do Bradley’s physio. When you look at a child with CF, you can’t tell they are ill but inside they are suffering.

“We are having to raise funds as the NHS haven’t put enough research into the benefits of the vest and so they cannot fund it.

“I can’t criticise the NHS. For me, they do enough to help Bradley, I can’t knock them.

“But the vest gives more intense physio and research states that the lung function can improve through using it. We want to try everything that can help improve Bradley’s life.”

The family also staged a fun day at the Gammull pub after the tournament at Grange Courts.

Louise added: “(Bradley) is very shy, he had to make a speech at the pub and he was really nervous. We are all really grateful for the support

“A brand new vest costs just over £7,000 but second-hand ones can cost between £3,000 and £4,000.

“I’m hoping we can raise enough money to get a vest for Bradley and also get the equipment for someone else with Cystic Fibrosis. This vest will make a real difference to Bradley’s life.”

For details on sponsorship or on the ladies’ walk around the Guild Wheel on Saturday June 21, email: lousarah@hotmail.co.uk or contact the Gamull pub.