DOGGIE WHEELCHAIR: Preston woman’s fundraising plan to help lame pooch

Pamela Pickering from Fulwood with her dog 'Murphy'
Pamela Pickering from Fulwood with her dog 'Murphy'
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Murphy the collie dog has a bit of a ruff time when he goes walkies.....

The only way he can get around is by hopping and dragging his back leg – but that could soon be about to change.

The result is he drags one leg around and the other leg is bad. The vet has tried his best but the only option now is a doggy wheelchair

Mandy Edge

For kind-hearted dog groomer Mandy Edge was so moved by the three-year-old’s plight she is holding a fundraiser tomorrow night to help buy him a doggie wheelchair.

Mandy, who has known the collie-cross since she started clipping him for owner Pam Pickering when he was a pup said: “It all started a year ago. His knee caps are coming away from his legs. The vet has tried to re-attach on one leg but it came away. He tried again and it came away again and now his legs are too weak to try again.

“The result is he drags one leg around and the other leg is bad. The vet has tried his best but the only option now is a doggy wheelchair.

“He loves his walks and the leg he drags is getting sore now. It is not going to be long before the other one goes.”

Pensioner Pam, 71, from Ashton said: “He is such a lovely dog and just loves his walks.

“My friend’s daughter and her boyfriend call round and take him out every night and both Mandy and a close neighbour have been wonderful helping me with him. He had a rotten start in life but this will give him a new lease of life.”

She added: “I can’t believe Mandy is putting on this event just to help me. She has been brilliant through all this as has my neighbour. It is so wonderful that people have been so kind to him.”

The wheelchair, which costs around £300, will comprise a special set of wheels which will attach to the back of the dog and if Mandy can raise enough, he will get the deluxe set which collapses when he lies down. Mandy, who runs a pet shop and dog grooming service in Miller Road, Preston, said: “He is such a lovely, friendly dog and doesn’t complain.

“He hasn’t moaned all despite what he’s been through.”

The fund raising event will be held at Greenlands Club in Ribbleton and Mandy said: “I have arranged an evening with a tombola, small auction grand draw for raffle tickets that have been sold, and hopefully some stalls from other charities, and crafts, although up to today no one has come forward to book a table.”

There is no charge for the stalls or for entry on the night, just a donation for Murphy, there is also a buffet and disco on the night, and also Murphy will be putting in a brief appearance for a meet and greet.