Docs took 8 visits to diagnose tumour

Dale Zaporowski at home on his swing
Dale Zaporowski at home on his swing
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A mother whose son has beaten two brain tumours today urged parents to trust their instincts, after revealing she took him to the doctor eight times before his illness was diagnosed.

Dale Zaporowski, 12, of Ashton, Preston, was first told he had a brain tumour at the age of six and had to undergo life-saving surgery followed by gruelling treatment.

Dale – a schoolfriend of Katy Holmes, who died of a brain tumour in 2012 – slowly began rebuilding his life.

However, when he suffered a relapse a few years later after doctors discovered another brain tumour, his devastated family feared the worst.

But through his sheer determination, Dale has amazed and delighted his family and medics by recovering. Mum Jacqui, 52, said: “Dale is now 12 and has his problems as a result of all the treatment he has had, but he is here and he is cancer-free.

“I knew there was something serious wrong with Dale when he was six as he was vomiting every morning.

“I took him to the doctor eight times in four months but they kept saying there was nothing wrong. I was made to feel like I was being an over-protective and silly mum.

“I would urge any parent in the same situation when they know in their heart that something is wrong with their child to trust their instincts and go to A&E.”

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