Directory set up to prove Preston Cares

Kittens at Preston's RSPCA
Kittens at Preston's RSPCA
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A directory of community organisations has been set up in Preston, to prove how much the city cares about the welfare of others.

Preston Cares has been established by retired teacher Christine Cox, who said negativity she saw in comments online were “not representatives of Prestonians”.

Christine, 60, began the website last week, and said it was already taking off with dozens of community initiatives listed - from animal welfare and health organisations to knitting groups and classic car enthusiasts.

Christine, who lives in Ashton, said she had been working to help people in Calais and used social media to bring people together.

But she said there were also negative comments asking why other people weren’t being helped, and said: “There are people doing all sorts of things.

“I realised how difficult it was to find information, and I thought we need a directory.”

Christine said she had become “disheartened” last year by negative comments online, and as a teacher had worked with “thoughtful, caring and compassionate” youngsters.

She said: “So I set out to find evidence that “Preston Cares” about the welfare of others.

“No list of such links existed and so I decided to create a simple directory that could be shared via social media and to ask Prestonians for their help in making it as comprehensive as possible.

“By undertaking this task my faith in humanity has been restored. There is indeed an ocean of goodwill in Preston.”

Links to organisations can be submitted here.