Derian House in Chorley looking ahead for its 25th anniversary

Derian House
Derian House
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A Lancashire children’s hospice is looking ahead to an ‘exciting’ year, with a new plan to improve its services and events to mark its 25th anniversary.

Following a recent Care Quality Commission report, which declared some areas of Derian House needed improvement, management and trustees have come up with a plan to address previous concerns and an action-packed calender of events.

In the report published last month, the hospice, in Chancery Road, Chorley, was marked needing improvement in three areas, but after parents’ glowing reports about the level of support they received, it had a good rating for its care and responsiveness.

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David Robinson, vice chairman of the trustees, said: “We are moving forward with a plan and have new strategies to be presented to our staff next week.

“Everybody wants to do better all the time. We want to focus on how we can be outstanding in everything we do.

“We have a great team of dedicated people and our commitment to children, young people and their families continues. The future is bright. We have our 25th anniversary in October. It is an exciting year for us as we celebrate the landmark of 25 years caring for children and young people, which is a massive achievement.

“We have so many great things planned. We have a gala in June, a silver anniversary ball in October, the winter sparkle in November. These are our usual events but they will be bigger and better to celebrate 25 years.”

The charity is also looking for new trustees, following the departure of its chairman, Les Paul, after nine years.

David added: “Les Paul has done a great job for nine years. He has been passionate about the care and interests of the children and has given great support to everyone. He will be missed.

“We have a robust board of trustees and a decision about who will be the new chairman will go through the board.

“We are always looking for more trustees. We like to get a broad range of skills, but it would be great if anyone with a medical, care or commercial background was interested.”