Demand for action after hedge crash

Damage: The flattened hedge and, inset, a lorry on the narrow lane
Damage: The flattened hedge and, inset, a lorry on the narrow lane
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A grandmother is demanding action after lorries destroyed her neighbour’s hedge.

Judith Dewhurst, who lives on the outskirts of Longridge, says it was the last straw when she arrived home to see the hedge, which is on the corner of Daisy Dene Lane and Inglewhite Road, demolished last week.

The grandmother of three says there has been a problem for about 12 months with delivery vans and lorries, including seven and a half tonners turning into the track each day which, she says, is not built for such heavy traffic.

She said: “This is a country lane, a rural, residential lane, it is an agricultural area.

“The trucks going down it have become troublesome and the big trucks struggle to get down.

“Also, traffic is getting held up on Inglewhite Road as the trucks struggle to turn in.

“The lane is not built for seven tonners.

“I arrived home at dinner time and turned into the lane and spotted the hedge and it was devastated....this is the final straw.

“I have no authority to do anything about it, but I am very angry that it is getting like this. It is dangerous and has just gone worse and worse.

“It is affecting our quality of life.

“I don’t know what is happening down this rural track to engender such a high level of high tonnage delivery trucks, but I do know about the chaos and hazards that these trucks are creating, especially at the top of the track and at the junction of Inglewhite Road.”

Preston Council is looking into the problem and police have been asked to investigate the incident.