Daughter killed mum in drink-fuelled rage

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A “chronic alcoholic” who beat her mother in a drink-fuelled assault has admitted manslaughter.

Marie Hothersall, 83, who suffered from dementia, passed away in hospital two months after her 54-year-old daughter, Ann Patricia Lupton, attacked her in her home on the evening of July 24 last year.

Lupton, who previously admitted drinking a bottle of wine or half a bottle of spirits every day for almost 12 years, inflicted a catalogue of injuries on her mother “consistent with forceful slapping, punching, kicking or stamping.”

Mrs Hothersall was found on the floor of her home in Cottam by a support worker the morning after the attack suffering from two black eyes, a fractured hip, a large lump on her head, and swollen hands which had turned black from bruises.

At Liverpool Crown Court yesterday, Paul Reid, prosecuting, said Lupton, who becomes “agitated and aggressive” when under the influence of alcohol, told police that her mother had injured herself falling out of bed.

He said: “The defendant was a chronic alcoholic and had been for many years. It may well be that her violent behaviour towards her mother was affected by drink she had consumed that night.

“During the course of that evening a neighbour in the adjoining semi-detached property heard noises from Mrs Hothersall’s address. The noises consisted of thumping, banging, shouting and screaming.”

The court heard that the noises started around 6pm and 20 minutes later, Lupton sent a text message to her husband saying: “Hope all is well. Mum is a nightmare!! Lol xxx”

When her husband phoned her at around 8pm, Lupton told him Mrs Hothersall was “being stubborn and hard work.”

Mr Reid said: “At about 10pm their neighbour heard thumping and banging which sounded as though someone was being knocked against the wall. There was also screaming but he could not hear what was being said. He assumed it was grandchildren messing about.

“At about 1.10am he heard loud banging, thumping and shouting coming from Mrs Hothersall’s bedroom.He described it as ‘so loud it sounded like it was coming through the walls.’”

Mrs Hothersall, a mother-of-six, told a support worker the next morning that her daughter had attacked her.

When asked why she thought her daughter had attacked her, Mrs Hothersall replied: “Because she doesn’t love me, because I’ve been bad.”

She was taken to hospital in Preston where she had an operation to pin her hip, but she never regained her ability to walk.

Mr Reid added: “Mrs Hothersall was discharged to a nursing home on September 13. She was described as apparently having lost the will to live and was readmitted to hospital.”

According to a Consultant Home Office Pathologist, Mrs Hothersall continued to deteriorate in hospital and died four days later from bronchopneumonia, “which developed directly as a result of the injuries she sustained during the assault.”

Before police were able to arrest Lupton, they received a report that she had run off and was threatening to take her own life.

Members of Lupton’s family, who filled the public gallery at court, say they forgive her for what she has done and say she needs help for her addiction.

A statement made by Mrs Hothersall’s 85-year-old husband Bernard said: “I still love her very much.

“I love Ann, I miss her and I want her to come home.”

Judge Alistair Macduff, who will sentence Lupton on January 24, said: “I find this case very sad from everybody’s point of view.”

He added: “We must temper justice with mercy and give out the milk of human kindness when necessary to do so.”

Lupton, of Alsager, Cheshire, had denied a charge of murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was remanded into custody.