Daisy’s poverty plea urging others to sign up to challenge

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A woman from Kirkham is challenging other local residents to live on just £1 a day.

Daisy Baldwin had an insight into the lives of those living in extreme poverty as she took the Live Below the Line challenge.

For five days, she spent less than a £1 a day on all her food and drink as estimates suggest that over half of the population of South Sudan live in poverty, or on less than £1 a day.

As well as raising awareness of the millions of people that go hungry every day, Daisy will raise money to support Save the Children’s work with the world’s poorest families.

Daisy said: “No child should die because they can’t get enough to eat.

“By taking part in the challenge, I hope I have put a spotlight on the 1.2billion people who live below the poverty line.

“Yet for them, their £1 a day has to cover everything, including accommodation, healthcare and education.

“By being a little creative in my cooking, I have been able to make my £1 go further.

“ I have bought things such as lentils, potatoes and beans, so have avoided being too hungry but I will be glad to have a little chocolate when the challenge is up.”

Daisy is urging others to sign up to the challenge along with thousands of other people to take part in the challenge between April 28 and May 2.

You can register to take part at www.savethechildren.org.uk/livebelowtheline