Daffodils or not, snow could be back for parts of Lancashire

Snow fall in West Lancashire
Snow fall in West Lancashire
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Spring is in the air - but meteorologists have issued another yellow warning for snow and ice tonight.

March is here and for many that means spring is upon us.

But according to Met Office advisor Kevin Wadsworth things might be turning wintery again from this evening.

He said: “There’s no denying the fact that spring is in the air but we’ve got a couple of pretty chilly and blustery days coming up I’m afraid.

“The air is fairly cold and we’ve got a scattering of showers to contend with. The showers tonight, tomorrow and into Tuesday will have a wintry nature to them (meaning a mixture of rain, hail, sleet and snow).

“Over high ground, (and low ground at night), the hail and snow in the showers are likely to give a covering where they fall.

“Also, because the ground is likely to be wet at times, there’s a risk of ice forming during the hours of darkness.

“As I’ve said, spring is in the air, so the strength of the sun should prevent any major or widespread issues with snow during the daytime, except high up in the hills and mountains of Cumbria and the Pennines.

“It may give temporary coverings, mainly on grassy, vegetated surfaces, but not much more. Overnight, we could see up to around 5cm accumulating above about 200m, with a slight covering at lower levels.

“To cater for this we’ve issued a yellow warning for snow and ice (medium likelihood, valid from 6pm today (Sunday) to 10am Monday morning.”