Dad targeted again by rock-throwing vandals

Damage: James Wilson with the smashed window from the first incident.
Damage: James Wilson with the smashed window from the first incident.
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A-father-of-two spoke of his fury after vandals repeatedly targeted his home while he slept.

Office worker, James Wilson , 36, was woken in the early hours of Tuesday morning to see that his bedroom window had been shattered by rocks.

Damage to James Wilson's flat window

Damage to James Wilson's flat window

Police attended his flat and have opened investigations, saying there has been a spate of incidents in the area.

It was not the first time James, who lives in Brooke Street, Chorley, has been affected.

In January, two large rocks crashed through his bedroom window as he lay asleep.

The rocks landed no more than six inches from his head but James was left covered in shards of glass.

He said: “For the second time in six months my window has been targeted.

“I was awoken at 3am by a bang but when I got up to investigate I couldn’t see anything.

“At 5.50am I heard another bang and smash, I jumped out of bed and opened the curtains to see the window had been smashed. Fortunately this time the rock had not penetrated both panes of glass.

“After running outside, I could not see anyone in the immediate area but I did find two rocks on the floor.”

James, who works at GDW Engineering, feels the two incidents are linked.

He feels something needs to be done about this and that the offender needs to be caught.

In the previous incident, James’ three children were asleep in the property.

However, they were luckily not in the house this time.

He added: “I have lived in Chorley almost all of my life but this reckless behaviour has to stop.

“Fortunately this time my children were stopping at their mum’s house so they didn’t have to see anything like this again.”

Sgt Kevin Mountain, of the neighbourhood policing team in Chorley, said: “We received a call at 5.50am and our officers attended the scene.

“There has been a number of similar incidents in the area recently and it is a possibility that they are linked.

“An officer will be following up the investigation.”

Police are appealing for any witnesses.

Anybody with any information can contact Lancashire police on 101.