Dad refused baby milk by Tesco employee

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The father of a newborn baby was left fuming after a leading supermarket chain refused to accept his Healthy Start vouchers for infant formula.

Patrick Price, of Fishergate Hill, in Preston, made an emergency dash to the 24-hour Tesco Express in Church Street, to buy milk for three-week-old baby daughter Tia.

He had no cash on him but took the vouchers, which were given to his partner.

The vouchers, which are intended for children and some adults, are part of a government health initiative.

Mr Price said both he and his girlfriend had used them to buy baby milk formula at other shops in the city without any problems.

He added: “The token clearly states it can be used for infant formula milk that says it can be used from birth and is based on cow’s milk.

“That’s what I got and I told the man behind the counter but he said they didn’t take them.”

Mr Price said he was frantic because the milk the baby had been having wasn’t right for her so he needed a replacement urgently.

“I went to Wilkinsons, in Friargate, but they were closed, so I had to jump on a bus to Chorley, then get a bus to Coppull to got to borrow some money off my Grandma then come right back to Tesco to buy the milk.

The 26-year-old said fortunately he had a bus ticket or would have been stuck because he had no money.

He added: “The way they treated me was so wrong.

“No-one should be made to feel like that.

A Tesco spokesman said, “We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused to Mr Price and have apologised personally. We’ll happily accept the vouchers at our store.”