Cyclists call for urgent underpass improvements

Underpass at Broughton roundabout
Underpass at Broughton roundabout
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Cyclists are angry all they have been given during the multi-million pound redevelopment of Broughton Roundabout is a ‘poxy’ trough.

Members of CTC, the national cycling charity, and Guild Wheel co-creator Peter Ward, have criticised Lancashire County Council (LCC) for not taking on their views on improving an stepped underpass that travels beneath the motorway sliproad.

Michael Prescott of CTC said: “When the recent road development plans were announced, a liason meeting was held with cyclists and we suggested it would be better to remove the steps and install a high-quality inclined plain.

“Instead of this, all we’ve got is a poxy trough. The idea is you dismount, wheels go in the trough, and you push the bike. But it’s narrow and close to the wall, meaning cyclists with panniers struggle to use it.”

Peter Ward said he was worried about people being put off cycling. He said: “It’s the only safe access route to the Guild Wheel for people living in that part of Fulwood, and it’s also used by people with wheelchairs and buggies.

“The underpass is old, and despite all the modifications to the road, and all the money that has been spent, it has not been improved for cyclists.”

Martin Galloway of LCC said: “The roundabout is now safer for cyclists to use, including pupils going to school. There are now off road cycling facilities on both sides of the roundabout with toucan crossings across the slip roads on the west side of the roundabout. On the east side cyclists can use the subway.”

He said to replace the steps with a ramp would have required more space to reduce steepness, and the cost would have been prohibitive. He said the current wheeling ramps were beneficial to cyclists.