Curry-loving eight-stone dog ordered to slim

Overweight labrador Buddie
Overweight labrador Buddie
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A curry-loving canine has been ordered on a diet after his take-away treats caused him to pile on the pounds.

Labrador Buddie from Blackpool must lose more than three stone to get his slimline figure back.

Vets from animal charity PDSA are warning more and more pets are bingeing on treats and scraps from their owners meals.

New findings from the charity, which is launching its 12th annual pet slimming contest, show 5.7 million pets are fed treats every day by indulgent owners.

Five-year-old Buddie has been gobbling up whatever he can get his paws on including curry, lasagne, pasta and biscuits and has now gained so much weight he struggles to walk to the end of the street.

Vets at PDSA’s Pet Hospital in Blackpool say Buddie, who weighs in at a whopping 8st 10lb, needs to lose more than three stone, which currently makes him a third more heavy than he should be.

Owner Janet Ingleson, 63, from Blackpool, says since she had a hip replacement last year, walking long distances has become a struggle.

Combined with the excessive calories due to late-night treats, Buddie has gradually piled on the pounds. A recent skin infection on his neck also made it difficult to put a collar on.

Janet said: “My husband spoils him and will sneak him biscuits and treats when I go to bed.

“I tell him not to but he doesn’t listen! He’ll also give him leftovers from our dinner - lasagne, pasta, rice, you name it, Buddie will eat it.

“I’m determined to change things now. He needs to lose weight, I feel sorry for him being the way he is, it’s not fair on him.

“I’m terrified I’m going to wake up one morning and he’ll be dead. He’s still only five and he’s got a lot of life in him yet.”

To help Buddie lose weight, Blackpool’s PDSA vets have advised Janet to feed him weighed portions of kibble just twice daily, with no additional treats or titbits.

Buddie also needs to gradually increase his daily exercise with regular walks.

PDSA vet Rebecca Ashman said: “We love our pets and owners often enjoy showing their love by giving food.

“Nearly half of owners across the UK told us that they give treats because they believe it makes the pets happy, and over a quarter do it to make themselves feel good.

“And 13 per cent confess to giving treats because their pets beg, puppy dog eyes are hard to resist.

“Treats and human food can be high in fat and sugars which are bad for pets’ waistlines and teeth. Some foods, like chocolate, are poisonous to pets and can even be fatal.”

She added: “Prevention is always better than cure.

“But even if pets are already overweight or obese, this can be tackled with the right diet and exercise.”