YOUR SAY: '˜Shocking state of dog day care'

A woman who allegedly made an income of almost £66,000 while running an unlicensed doggy day care  centre has been fined by magistrates.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 27th May 2018, 9:37 pm
Updated Sunday, 27th May 2018, 9:41 pm
Conditions at Go Active Dog Club at Boyes Farm, Durton Lane, Preston.
Conditions at Go Active Dog Club at Boyes Farm, Durton Lane, Preston.

Preston Council had warned Anna Charnley, 54, of Go Active Dog Club at Boyes Farm, D’Urton Lane, Preston, that she required a £172 licence for her activities but she failed to get one.

The authority intervened when two complaints were received from former clients about dogs allegedly being injured. She admitted keeping an animal boarding establishment without a licence at Preston Magistrates’ Court.

Defending, Rob Kellock said she was of “utmost good character”.

The bench imposed a £165 fine and £30 surcharge and £1,729.44 costs.

Here are just some of your comments...

Her fine should have been as heavy as her costs. What she was fined is not a deterant.Lynn Brown

Who’d leave their pet in those conditions?Sarah Humphreys

Utmost character?! She wanted a license but chose not to get one due to costs. Then lied that it wasn’t a day centre. Think she’s certainly a character!Chris Yeadon

Disgusting! Anyone who wants to leave their dogs in daycare needs to check out the facilities and if you are refused walk away and report as they’re hiding something . At lease she is named and shamedJulie Eastwood

Why would anyone in their right mind leave their dogs there in the first place!Catherine McConville

I’ve a feeling no one who left their dogs there was expecting this! Those poor dogs and owners. Shame on this scum bag!Katie Eames

So sad to think so many people left their treasured pets with this cruel lady, what were they thinking !Rachel Wittingham

Not being funny but if you’re a customer and you view this establishment wouldn’t you look and think ‘hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what kind of place is this?’ Scruffy as!Chantelle Channy

When we started using Happy Dogs daycare it was clean, well-equipped, properly staffed and Anna Charnley really cared about the dogs. The ‘conversion’ to a dog club gave my dog the opportunity to try agility so I was happy to sign a contract and pay extra. It didn’t last and there was a serious decline in standards over the last year. The girls working there (from 7.30-18.00 with just one of them there at a time) did so on a self-employed basis with little support from the owner and with sometimes 30+ dogs to care for. They did their best to balance care, training, feeding and safety but the environment was the owner’s responsibility. Thankfully we found a great walker in Sal’s Pals through the closing of the day care.Katharine Anderson

Wouldn’t let my dog through door.Kate Basnett

If I saw this room I wouldn’t let a rat play in it!Colette Brooks