Your reaction after we reported a burnt and battered dog was found in great distress

A seriously injured dog found wandering in a rural village in Cumbria with '˜holes in his head' has been undergoing emergency life-saving surgery while the RSPCA searches for those responsible for inflicting such severe wounds on him.

Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 5:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 7:23 am
The dog was reported as a stray and collected by the dog warden

Our story yesterday certainly angered many on you with pictures that were hard to look at, but many offered help, support and even a home to this terrified animal.

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'˜Touch and go' for dog found with '˜holes in head' having been beaten and set o...

Here's what some of you had to say on our Facebook pages:

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Just hope he can survive this, and that they get whoever has done it. Just cannot accept this sort of cruelty in this day and age. Unforgivable!

Janet Goodacre

Poor dog. How anyone could do this to any living creature is beyond me. I certainly hope they are tracked down and punished . Hope you get better soon Bruce and find a loving home. Xxx

Susan Woolley

Why ????? Just why would you do this to a dog. X

Lou Jayne

Can't comprehend what goes through these peoples heads. Horrific.

Adam Plaskett

We can offer him a home if he needs it later if he's ok

Chris Molyneux

Oh my goodness. This poor defenceless dog!! What on earth could possess anyone to do something like this. Just sick!! Really hope he’ll be ok. He’ll prob struggle to trust humans again.

Carol Joanne

I'm so upset and angry. Who are these animals that did this. Horrific.

Luke Birchall

Absolute sick! I really do not understand the cruel lengths people will go to- poor dog who never deserved such barbaric treatment. They give us nothing but love and trust. The b****** deserves the same treatment as they gave the dog

Caroline Lowton

OMG. Who could be that evil

Michele Clayton

I genuinely don't understand how we are in 2018 and this is acceptable. Abuse of something vulnerable, inflicting pain on a vulnerable animal. Straight to a Bentham prison.

Savannah Butel-Roachford

This is heartbreaking. The law needs to change and more of a punishment needs putting in place for the monsters that inflict suffering on these poor animals.

I hope Bruce recovers and finds a loving forever home to look after him xx

Rachael Mitchell

I can not even look just reading the heading makes my stomach turn I hope however did this is caught, it’s just disgusting

Jayne Knight

I’ve seen an update on this on twitter and he seems to be doing ok. Wagged his tail and was pictured playing with a little boy so hopefully on the mend. Sad world we live in with humans who could do this to an animal.

Lisa Coulson