Yobs threatened victim with brick

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Two men have been spared jail after a savage street attack in which a man was threatened with a knife and a brick.

David Martin, 20, of Hesketh Road, Ashton, and Robbie Womack, 18, of Eastbourne Close, Ingol, pleaded guilty to robbery after setting upon a man Martin had a grudge against.

Richard Haworth, prosecuting, told Preston Crown Court the man was walking along Hesketh Road when he saw Martin and Womack in a garden. Hearing his name, he looked across and one of the men told him to stop looking at him.The man carried on walking but Womack appeared at his side, asking his name. When the man didn’t answer, Womack jumped in front of him and punched him to the ground, raining three or four blows to his face as he tried to defend himself.

Martin then grabbed the man’s jacket, ripping it, and causing his bag to fall to the floor. Womack rooted through the bag, looking for something to steal and took cans of lager and a lunchbox and threw them away.

Martin ordered Womack to hold the man while he went to get a brick and returned with a large breeze block, holding it above his head.

However the man managed to back away and call the police.

Emergency operators heard the man in distress and could hear a disturbance in the background.

Womack produced a knife, Preston Crown Court heard.

Recorder Michael Hayton QC, sentencing, said: “Both of you took a role in a very unpleasant offence.”

He added if he sentenced the men to immediate custody they would have already served a large portion of the sentence on a curfew.

Womack was handed a 20 month sentence suspended for two years and ordered to undertake the Resolve program with the probation service.

He must carry out 200 hours unpaid work.

Martin was also handed a 20 month sentence suspended for two years, with 150 hours of unpaid work.