Would-be burglar injured in drainpipe fall

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A would-be burglar fell down a drainpipe after trying to break into the wrong house.

Scott Day, 20, was caught out after police matched a glove left at the scene to one Day had been seen wearing earlier in the day.

Now Day has been spared jail after being sentenced for the crime described by Day’s own lawyer, Gerard Doran, as “complete madness.”

In the early hours of June 7, a woman sleeping alone in a first floor bedroom in Bairstow Street, Preston, was woken by shouting and looked to the window to see the shadow of a man.

She jumped up, shouting: “Oh my god, what are you doing?” and called her boyfriend from another room.

Day, who had been drinking vodka and taking valium, tried to reassure the woman, telling her he had been trying to get into a neighbouring house, where his friend Lewis Brown lived.

But as he scurried back down the drainpipe he fell to the ground, and the woman shouted down to him: “Are you OK?”

Police arrived and found Day hiding in the shed with a cut to his head and blood pouring down his cheek.

His fingerprints were found on the drainpipe and a sample of blood taken from an alleyway close to the house also matched Day’s.

Day, of Duke Street, Preston, initially denied the offence but faced with the forensic evidence three weeks later, he admitted he been trying to get in to Lewis Brown’s house.

He pleaded guilty on the basis he did not intend to steal from the property and was sentenced to six months suspended for a year with a requirement to address his substance misuse and do 120 hours of unpaid work.

In a victim impact statement the woman said she had been shaken by the incident and had been unable to sleep alone.

Mr Doran said: “He was behaving in a way which was out of character.”