Woman was mule in high tech £1.4 million scam

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Court news
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A Preston woman was among a gang of money launderers who used their bank accounts to process £1.4 million stolen in a high tech scam.

Michelle Sharrock, 29, of Yewtree Avenue, Ribbleton, was one of two women who received a 12 months prison sentence, suspended for one year with supervision orders after they allowed their accounts to be used to launder money.

Sharrock, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to three money laundering charges after she had £30,000 put in her bank account.

She was taken to Heathrow Airport by an unknown man and took out 8,900 euro in cash which she passed straight to him. The cash mule then tried to withdraw $7,300 but the transaction was flagged as suspicious and she was arrested at the terminal.

One of the crooks Asier Jones-Gardeazabal, 42, tried to buy a £22,000 Rolex with the proceeds of the fraud.

The drug addict was given 12 months prison suspended for one year and ordered to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work. But Patrick Lawrence, 32, was jailed for 18 months after the court heard he had £30,000 paid into his account and tried to withdraw 12,000 Euros at a bureau de change. Dean Robertson, 24, who also handled £30,000, got 15 months.