Woman stole £9k accidentally sent to her account

Jodie Collins
Jodie Collins
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A grieving makeup artist has spoken of her despair after a customer she took pity on stole £9,000 left to her by her late grandmother.

The beauty worker, who lost her grandmother last year, took pity on client Jodie Collins, 25, after the mum-of-two told her she could not afford any electricity.

At the time Collins, of Castleton Road, Deepdale, Preston, was having her makeup done for a night out, which she later showed off on social media (pictured).

The kind-hearted businesswoman gave her £20 by bank transfer to help the “struggling” mum out.

But Collins’ bank details remained on the account when the beauty worker went to transfer some cash to pay for a new kitchen, and she accidentally credited the payment to her account on September 28 last year.

Preston Crown Court heard Collins lied she had never received the money.

However she later admitted stealing the money during a hearing at Preston Crown Court, where the Honorary Recorder of Preston, Judge Mark Brown, sentenced her to six months in prison, suspended for two years, and a rehabilitation requirement.

Today, the woman, from Lostock Hall, said: “It’s awful, very stressful. It was my nan’s money she left me in her will.

“There is no mention of her paying any of the money back. I didn’t know her.

“She was a client I met for one hour. She cried poverty saying she had no electricity. I felt sorry for her so I moved the £20.”

But disaster struck when she went to move some money to pay for a new kitchen.

She said: “I was moving money in a hurry to pay for our new kitchen and just clicked on the wrong account. I accidentally transferred the large amount on my internet banking, it was a slip of the finger that resulted in my life being hell for months.”

Collins is said to have paid all her rent arrears and gone on a spending spree.

The woman said: She also bought her kids new beds, and went on an overnight trip to Blackpool – knowing that it was my money and I’d made a simple error on the internet.

“She’s a disgusting creature. She stripped my kids of their inheritance. The girl doesn’t care who she hurts.

“An act of kindness resulted in all this. But I’ll never ever ever give money to charity or any other cause now, she’s totally stripped me of my beliefs in society.”