Woman smacked her sister's head in floor

Preston Magistrates' Court
Preston Magistrates' Court
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A mum-of-three drunkenly attacked her sister after getting drunk at a birthday party, a court has heard.

Agniewska Grabkowska was seen drunkenly smashing victim Monika Dziwisinska's head in the floor after terrified children in the address begged a neighbour for help.

Grabkowska , 33, of Bowness Road, Ribbleton, Preston, admitted assault, via a Polish interpreter, at Preston Magistrates' Court.

Prosecuting, Phillipa White said: " On the evening of November 2 at around 7.30pm, Georgina Brown was at her home on Burns St, Preston. She was a neighbour of the defendant and aggrieved.

"She describes the aggrieved young son came to her property and said: 'Please ring the police, Mummy's bleeding everywhere", referring to the aggrieved. She went to the property with the young boy and saw the defendant, the aggrieved and the aggrieved's husband on floor in the living room.

"The husband was trying to push the defendant off her because she had hold of her hair.

"Mrs Brown saw the defendant bang her head on the floor. She also described seeing blood on the floor and curtains of the address as well as a large amount of smashed glass. "She took two young children to her address and a few minutes later was joined by the complainant and husband."

Police arrived and saw a lump on the victim's head, and blood smeared on her hair, face and arms, and the defendant intoxicated and covered in blood, the court heard.

Defending, Philip Smithies said: " She says she wants to put this matter behind her. She tells me she has a lot on her plate, her grandma is dying and she may have to return to Poland.

"She, her husband and children are trying to be rehoused and she suffers from epilepsy - she did have a fit at the police station and had to be taken to hospital.

" She is apologetic for what she has done. She accepts she has gone too far in this matter."

District Judge Jane Goodwin adjourned her sentence to November 29.