Woman ran illegal dentist practice from ‘dirty’ B&B kitchen

Illegal dentist Lynda Collins
Illegal dentist Lynda Collins
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A woman who operated as an illegal dentist from the kitchen of a Blackpool B&B has been fined after leaving a patient traumatised and in pain.

Lynda Collins had never received any dental training and was not a member of any professional body.

The Gynway Guest House, Blackpool.

The Gynway Guest House, Blackpool.

Collins, of Gynway Guesthouse, Dickson Road, Blackpool, was found guilty of practicing illegal dentistry.

Blackpool Magistrates Court heard how her guest house doubled up as the premises for Central Dental Laboratory which Collins advertised online and with a card in the window of the B&B.

Ex-full time nurse and now hospital assessor Melanie Taylor told the hearing she had broken a denture and was unable to make an appointment with her own dentist.

Her practice advised her to use Google to try and find a technician who could assist her as she was due to give a speech that day.

She contacted Central Dental Laboratory who said they could help.

However, when she arrived for her appointment she was amazed to find it was based in the guest house.

The victim was told to wait in the lounge while an attempt to mend the denture was carried out.

Collins tried to push the denture into place but it would not fit and this caused Mrs Taylor some pain

She told the court: “She had brought the denture to me in a tea towel.

“She took me into a room with a kitchen sink.The sink was spattered with paint.It was a small dirty room with shelves.

“She mixed some powder with water in a cup and then pushed something like a gum shield into my mouth to take an impression with pink gel, holding it in place.

“It was traumatic she pushed it in.I thought this cannot be happening to me and I wanted out of the place.I paid her £20.”

In a statement to Dental Council investigators Mrs Taylor said: “As soon as I could I took the denture out– there was nothing sterile. I was frightened to death- traumatised as I feared I would get an infection it was so dirty.

“She had taken her equipment out of what appeared to be an old ice cream container”

The magistrates were told how Mrs Taylor later complained to the General Dental Council about her experience.

An investigation was launched and the council said that Collins was not registered with them and could not carry out out any hand to mouth treatment including impressions.

Collins told the court: “I have no recollection of this woman coming to see me.Yes I have had a little lab in the guesthouse and help out friends and people recommended to me.

“When the authorities said they wanted to question me it was mind boggling.”

She said she had no recent qualifications and had “trained in life.”

She admitted not keeping patient records or a diary of appointments.

Collins was fined £180 and ordered to pay £590 costs.