Woman keys seven cars in vandalism spree

ANGRY: Andrew Pratt's partner car was targeted
ANGRY: Andrew Pratt's partner car was targeted
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A woman damaged seven neighbours’ cars as she fantasized about revenge on her ex-husband, a court heard.

Rasila Patel, 61, of Christ Church Street, Preston, keyed seven vehicles, causing hundreds of pounds of damage, as she left her home for work as a cleaner at the University of Central Lancashire in June. Today victims, who found noughts and crosses scratched into paintwork, criticised her for failing to apologise.

Dad-of-two Andrew Pratt, 31, whose partner’s car was damaged the day after they bought it, said: “The thing that angers us most is she has walked past us in the street since and turned away. She has shown no remorse and never said sorry.”

Two other victims have since moved away. Mr Pratt’s friend was handed a £650 repair bill which will not be covered by the £400 compensation Patel was ordered to pay each victim.

Preston Magistrates Court, which gave Patel a 12-month discharge, heard the spurned woman was depressed after marrying an Indian man in 2008 who left her in 2011 after he received UK residency – and after she bought him a car.

Prosecuting, Philip Hall said: “She was suffering depression. She imagined this was a way of revenge on her ex-husband. Of course, the cars were not connected to him.”