Woman claimed rape after party

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A man is on trial accused of raping a woman he helped home after she fell asleep at a house party in Preston.

Grzegorz Wroblewski, 33, claims he had consensual sex with the woman but denies raping her.

Opening the trial at Preston Crown Court, Richard Howarth, prosecuting, told the jury Wroblewski and the woman had been at the same party but after drinking from 9pm till midnight the woman was feeling the worse for wear and went upstairs to lie down. She was woken by the hostess and Wroblewski and another man said they would help her back to her house in Preston.

The men helped her into a car and when they arrived at her home they helped her to her bed, with one man taking her shoes off and the other leaving a drink of water by the bed.

Both men then left the room and the woman went to sleep, fully clothed, the court heard.

Some time later the woman woke to find her clothing dishevelled and said she could feel a weight against her back.

She realised she was being raped and jumped out of bed, screaming, and asking Wroblewski what he was doing, the court heard.

The other man came into the room to ask what was going on but Mr Howarth told the court Wroblewski told his friend he did not know why the woman was upset.

Both men then left but minutes later the woman received a text message asking her: “Hey, what happened?”

The following morning the woman went to visit a friend and told her what had happened the night before.

The police were informed and Wroblewski, of Thirlmere Road, Farringdon Park, was arrested.

He told officers he had been at the woman’s house the previous night but that anything that happened between them was consensual.

Mr Howarth told the jury: “It boils down to credibility. Who is telling the truth? Who is telling lies?”


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