Woman administered sedatives to children

Court of Appeal hearing in London
Court of Appeal hearing in London

A woman has had two boys taken from her after a family court judge concluded that she had administered sedatives when they were aged seven and three in a bid to bolster claims that their father had drugged the youngsters with the aim of sexually abusing them.

Judge Jeremy Lea exonerated the children and found that any "statements" made by them were the result of "pressure" from their mother and maternal grandmother after analysing issues at a private family court hearing.

He decided that the two women irrationally believed that the children had been abused.

The judge concluded that the youngsters should live with their father.

Detail of the case has emerged after the woman mounted an unsuccessful appeal.

Two Court of Appeal judges analysed issues at a public Court of Appeal hearing in London.

Lord Justice McFarlane and Lord Justice Peter Jackson said, in a written ruling, that they had dismissed the woman's appeal bid and refused to overturn orders made by Judge Lea.

They said the children could not be identified.