This is where more than 1,100 motorists have been caught by single speed camera

More than 1,100 motorists have been caught speeding by average speed cameras on the A583 Preston New Road in Fylde.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 31st December 2018, 6:14 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:32 am
More than 1,100 motorists have been caught speeding by average speed cameras
More than 1,100 motorists have been caught speeding by average speed cameras

The cameras, which record drivers’ speed from the Wrea Green roundabout, through the Kirkham bypass to Clifton, went live in early March.

From that time until November 7, a period of just over eight months, some 1,163 motorists were found to be driving at more than 50mph.

Lancashire Police said it was unable to say how much cash was made, but if each driver accepted their fixed penalty notice of £100, fines would have topped £115,000.

Each would have faced three points on their driving licence too.

The fastest driver caught by the cameras, which automatically record number plates and are sited at the start and end of the route to calculate each vehicle’s average speed, allegedly drove at 78mph.

Around 50 per cent of those prosecuted were driving at 50 to 60mph, figures released under freedom of information laws showed.

Some 47 per cent were driving at 60 to 70mph, and 2.3 per cent at 70 to 80mph. The final 0.7 per cent was not accounted for.

More than 1,100 motorists have been caught speeding by average speed cameras

The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) gave the go ahead for the cameras in 2016 and, in January the next year, it announced the chosen location in a bid to reduce road crashes and injuries.

It said decided to adopt the system of using average speed cameras as “motorist compliance has consistently improved on a variety of road types using the system in other parts of the UK”.

When they went live, the partnership warned of sanctions for anyone caught speeding.

Where eligible, motorists were to be given the chance to attend a speed awareness course and accept the conditional offer of a fixed penalty of £100 and three points, though those driving at higher speeds were warned they would be referred to court.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies said: “What we need to see from these cameras is a reduction in the number of accidents on that road.

“Those are the figures I would like to see. I would expect the number of people caught speeding to reduce over time as it becomes patently clear that you cannot get away with driving dangerously along that road.

“If future figures show a reduction in accidents, and a reduction in the number of people caught speeding, then the cameras will have served their purpose.

“They should not be there as a cash cow – they have a real purpose in making the road safer.”

Kirkham town councillor Liz Oades said: “I obviously hope this is going to improve the number of accidents on the A583.

“I think there were near to 40 fatalities in the last 30 years, and I know that’s a lnog period of time, but it’s an awful lot of fatalities.

“It used to be a known accident spot, but since we have done all these changes to the road and re-engineered it and put in the speed cameras I think the accident rate has reduced, which must be welcomed.

“All the time I have been councillor I have campaigned about that road because I know people have actually been killed on it.

“When I first started as a councillor it was a 70mph, 60mph and 50mph road, and now it’s a uniform 50mph, until of course you get to the fracking site where it goes down to 20.”