Wesham paedophile Simon Jackson who sexually abused Preston girls jailed for 12 years and nine months as victim tells court: 'He destroyed my childhood'

"Simon stole my innocence, he destroyed my life. All I want is one day where I don't cry.

By Stef Hall
Monday, 13th September 2021, 12:54 pm

Those were the heartbreaking words of a woman who was abused as a child by a family friend.

Simon Norman Jackson, 51, of Station Road, Wesham, Preston, has admitted a string of 10 serious sexual offences, including indecent assaults against two girls he abused in the 1990s.

The first set of offences were committed after befriending a vulnerable family.

Crown Court

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Wesham man is accused of indecently assaulting girls in Preston

Preston Crown Court heard he had played the role of a "doting" friend, giving the youngster presents and sweets, playing games, and babysitting, but the abuse started when the first victim was eight.

Prosecutor Richard Haworth added: "On one occasion when she was getting dressed the defendant came in. He put her knickers on and passed her a pair of boxers saying it was 'fun' and she could be his girlfriend.

"The defendant referred to her as his girlfriend but explained that she couldn't tell anyone, an aggravating feature, submit the Crown."

Simon Jackson

On some occasions the little girl had cried in pain.

The court heard on another occasion, after Jackson abused the girl in his work wagon, she threatened to tell her mother, and he slapped her, before later buying her a game to apologise.

In a harrowing statement the woman said the abuse impacted her life "enormously", leaving her overly protective of her children, fearful of seeing roadside wagons similar to Jackson's, and unable to bathe with the bathroom door closed because it makes her feel she can't breathe.

Summarising her words, Mr Haworth said: "She says her nightmares are horrendous and that she can smell Jackson on her before getting up and using Dettol to wash herself.

"She says if she saw the defendant she would probably freeze and cry but despite being angry she doesn't wish him harm."

The court heard the victim waited so long before reporting the abuse, but since "speaking out at what the monster did" to her, it had impacted on her mental health and relationships.

She wants to move forwards but the damage that has been done has had a lasting effect.

The court heard she felt " broken and worthless as a child".

She added: "I've lost myself. I don't know who I am as a person."

" I can't stand being touched.

"He took my childhood away from me."

Years later the woman bravely confronted Jackson about his actions on Facebook Messenger and when he apologised in a response - a partial admission - she was "emboldened" and felt the authorities would believe her.

She had the confidence to go to the police in October 2018.

Jackson was also convicted of assaults relating to a second victim, who did not feel able to make a victim statement.

The court heard on one occasion he came into a bedroom she was sleeping in and 'had a smile on his face'.

She tried to report the abuse to relatives but "nothing came of it" and she felt the incidents were being "swept under the carpet".

Defending, Richard English said Jackson, who has been sacked from his job, had described his own acts as "disgusting and shameful".

Imposing 12 years and nine months, with a one year extended licence period, Judge Philip Parry said: " The two young girls you sexually abused were aged between eight and 12.

"You invested your time in them so that the trust built up between you and them. Today we would call that grooming.

"You conducted yourself in a depraved and abusive way towards two young girls."

He remarked Jackson had not offended for more than 20 years and had built up a stable successful life, but his victims had spent that time " knowing what you've done" to them and unable to enjoy the same stability and happiness.

Jackson must sign the Sex Offender's Register for life.

**If you are affected by this story support can be found at the Rape & Sexual Violence Project (RSVP) which offers compassionate support to victims, plus national charities like Women’s Aid.

The NAPAC support line 0808 801 0331 is for for adults who suffered any type of abuse in childhood.

Or to report abuse call police on 101.

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