‘We should all sign up to this’ - Campaign for review of Clare’s Law in memory of Preston mum Rosie Darbyshire

Rosies mum Andrea Darbyshire with a picture of Rosie
Rosies mum Andrea Darbyshire with a picture of Rosie
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The Lancashire Post has launched a campaign to get changes to Clare’s Law, the law which allows people to find out about their partner’s past.

It is a tribute to Rosie Darbyshire, who was murdered by her partner 11 days after she had put in a Clare’s Law request to Lancashire Police. At the moment police have 35 days to respond to such requests .

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We need all of our readers to sign the petition to change the law. More than 5,000 have signed so far.

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Here are some of the views you have.

Signed and shared
Carol Green

Clare’s Law doesn’t protect a person , but it makes that person aware and that gives them choices and the ful picture of what they are dealing with. RIP poor girl x signed & shared x
Nicola Mills

Such a tragic story 😪I always say, trust your instincts! RIP
Cherry Alston

Signed. Hope this gets changed. We need to rotect these women
Wendy Holmes

Not good enough.
Stepn Courtnage

35-day maximum which all forces have to supply information?!
Alex Martinez

And even then it’s probably 35 days til they assess it (although I hope I’m wrong about that)
Stella Samson Harper

Rosie was the most beautiful person inside and out. Nothing will ever be the same without her.
Peter Alexander Betteridge

Signed rest in peace Rosie
Vicki Louise

Another poor girl failed by the system, how many more girls are going to be left to be abused mentally & physically, this was just absolutely awful what happened to this poor woman, how many more before something is done 🤬 Clair’s Law doesn’t do anything to protect woman but if they was informed of a violent past maybe this would of changed her mind set on the guy & could of got out sooner, laws all wrong!!
Becci Murphy

I’ve signed it definitely worth it!!xx
Hanna Dunn

This is so so sad.
Christine Bamber

Such a wasteo f a beautiful life.
Patt Betteridge

Should never have happened
Glynis Finlay

I’ve just signed the petition and clicked on share to facebook so my friends can sign it aswell etc. And something totally different shared to my facebook
Nicola Franks

We should all sign up to this - there is absolutely no reason not to. If we can get this changed and save just one person’s life, it will be worth it.
Helen Dempster