Warnings over potential for cyclist internet burglary threat

WARNING: Cyclists should protect online details
WARNING: Cyclists should protect online details
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CYCLISTS were today warned fancy GPS programs that record their bike riding progress and publish routes online could leave them prey to cunning thieves.

Lancashire County Council’s Scambuster Stan character, which aims to alert people to scams, is highlighting how bike thieves can cash in if people advertise every bike ride online.

Programs such as Strava record detailed GPS data that could lead directly to where the cyclist lives.

When the unsuspecting cyclist posts this information on the internet it gives potential thieves details about where they live, when they are out and indicates they may have an expensive bike.

It can also alert thieves to patterns such as being out on a ride at a certain time each week, so they know when people’s homes are likely to be empty.

A spokesman urged cyclists to use the enhanced security settings that obscure where they live.

“Don’t post about every ride and never let thieves see just how much there is to steal from your garage. It could be too tempting for them.”

“Thieves will soon learn your habits so if you go out every Sunday morning for three hours, tell them where you live and that you have stuff worth stealing you could soon be relieved of your expensive carbon. Your online security is as important as using the correct lock.”