Warning issued as illegal tattooist slapped with fine

Removed: Tattooing equipment removed from the address
Removed: Tattooing equipment removed from the address
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An illegal tattooist has been fined after council bosses discovered she had been carrying out work in unhygienic conditions in her kitchen.

Vanessa Filipa Vitorino, 26, of Dundonald Street, Fishwick, Preston, was ordered to pay a total of £814 after she was found guilty of operating as an illegal tattooist from her home.

She was found guilty of two offences, for failing to register herself as a tattooist with the council and for failing to register the premises where her tattooing business was operating.

She was fined £440 and was ordered to pay a £44 victim surcharge and £330 towards the prosecution costs. She failed to attend Preston Magistrates’ Court on March 16, and the case proceeded in her absence.

The court heard on October 2, 2015, Preston Council’s environmental health officers and police gained entry to Vitorino’s home to seize articles used for the operation of tattooing.

It was found she had been carrying out tattooing in unhygienic conditions in her kitchen. Officers removed and destroyed all tattooing equipment, including 11 tattoo guns, a box of tattooing needles, 40 bottles of tattooing inks and three sharps boxes filled with used needles.

They also found some of the equipment Vitorino used was not being effectively sterilised.

Chief environmental health officer, Craig Sharp, said: “Illegal scratchers pose a real danger to the public’s health, often using toxic inks and unsterilised equipment that can have a serious risk of spreading diseases such as hepatitis or HIV, as well as the potential to cause permanent ugly scarring.

“If that wasn’t bad enough, people often tell us that the quality of the tattoo they had done was so poor that they had to spend time and money getting it corrected by a registered tattoo artist.”