Van driver ‘could have been killed’ by brick-throwing yobs

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  • Brick missed driver’s head by inches
  • Police hunting youths
  • Driver left badly shaken
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VAN driver Derek Masterson was a split second away from death or serious injury when bricks were hurled across a busy road.

The 56-year-old reckons a moment’s hesitation saved him from being hit by missiles thrown from behind a fence on to Tom Benson Way in Preston.

One of the bricks whistled across in front of my windscreen and another hit the side of my van near to the driver’s window.

Youngsters are believed to have been responsible for the attack which left the truck recovery mechanic shaken up, but unhurt.

“If I hadn’t slowed down a little when I saw debris in the road it could have been a lot worse,” he said.

“One of the bricks whistled across in front of my windscreen and another hit the side of my van near to the driver’s window.

“I was very lucky I wasn’t hurt – or worse. Getting hit by a brick at 30-odd miles an hour can do a lot of damage.”

Derek, who has a heart condition, was on his way from his home in New Longton to a job in Lancaster when the road was hit by a volley of bricks.

He later drove round to discover a stockpile of masonry from a demolished wall at 
the end of Bridge Road in Ashton.

“It was obvious that’s where the missiles had come from,” he said.

“Apparently it wasn’t 
the first time this has happened, it’s been a problem for a while.

“I can only assume it was kids and, because they were hidden from the road by a high fence, they knew they couldn’t be seen.”

Police say they were alerted to the incident on Tom Benson Way near to its junction with Tulketh Brow at around 9.35am on Saturday.

“A unknown offender or offenders threw bricks, one of which struck a passing vehicle causing damage to the driver’s door,” said a spokesman.

“There have been no arrests, but we are investigating.”

Derek’s wife Jacqueline added: “A fraction of an inch either way and he could have been hit on the head.

“Fortunately he was only shaken up, but he has a heart condition and this could have been serious.

“Obviously his van wouldn’t have been the only vehicle targeted, because there were quite a few bricks on the road.

“These kids don’t know how dangerous this can be.

“A driver could be hit and swerve across the road causing a collision.

“There is also a railway line on the opposite side 
of the road and if a wagon had swerved on to that it could have caused a major disaster.”