University student , 23, admits assault after ‘spitting’ at ex partner

Plea: Preston Magistrates' Court
Plea: Preston Magistrates' Court
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A university student who spat at his ex partner after turning up at her home at 6am has been fined £50 and ordered to pay £50 compensation.

Christiano Atherton, 23, of Holland House Way, Buckshaw Village, near Chorley, admitted assaulting the 23-year-old, with whom he has a three year old child, at her home on December 11.

He then saw her holding her mobile and said: ‘I’ll give you a reason to ring the police.’

Prosecuting at Preston Magistrates’ Court, Adrian Hollamby said: “ She and the defendant were previously in a relationship. They had known each other six years but split up three years ago.

“On December 11 she said she was woken by a noise and when she came downstairs she found the defendant at the front door.

“He wanted to come in and sleep on sofa. She offered to ring a taxi but he said no.

“She closed the door hoping he would walk away, but he began shouting to let him in, which went on for some time. She opened front door and told him to leave or she would call police.

“He then saw her holding her mobile and said: ‘I’ll give you a reason to ring the police.’

“He pushed the television over then walked over to her and spat. He does accept he spat at her but not in her face.”

Defending, Victoria Thompson said he was studying Business Management degree at Bolton University.

She added: “He accepts spitting, it was a disgusting thing to do and he is very ashamed of his actions.

“He has a new relationship and a baby on the way. There’s no suggestion of previous incidents between them.

“She contacted him out of the blue saying she had received news her grandma had cancer, he thought it was a cry for help. He said he went round to check she was OK.”