Trio face court case over allegations of abuse of seaside donkeys at farm in Salwick

A man and two women are to appear in court over allegations donkeys and dogs were abused at a farm.

Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 2:53 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 2:56 pm
Fir Trees Farm

It comes after RSPCA inspectors seized 29 donkeys - some of them Blackpool’s seaside donkeys - and 16 dogs in a raid on Fir Trees Farm in Salwick, near Preston, in September.

Grace Taylor, 18, and Suzzana Taylor, 43, both of Fir Trees Farm, Harbour Lane, Salwick, and Andrew Lomas 42, of Central Drive, Blackpool, were summonsed to Preston Magistrates’ Court but the case was adjourned administratively until May 18, when they will appear at Chorley Magistrates’ Court.

Lomas faces two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to donkeys by blunt force trauma while Suzzana Taylor faces seven similar counts.

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All three face 11 counts of failing to meet the donkeys’ needs through factors like providing a suitable environment, an appropriate standard of handling, a worming regime, dental treatment, maintaining body condition, protection from suffering, and providing proper vet care for white line disease, laminitis, sarcoids and skin conditions.

In addition both women face a count of causing unnecessary suffering to Pomeranian dogs relating to skin infections, and three counts of failing to meet their needs by providing a suitable environment, supplying drinking water and treating conjunctivitis.