Travellers come back for Easter

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A LARGE group of travellers have pitched up at a popular Preston park for the Easter period.

Twenty adults, 22 children and 12 caravans pulled by cars arrived at the site off Pedders Lane late on Tuesday.

They are believed to be the same group of travellers who set up a makeshift home on the park in August last year.

After reports to Preston Council, officers and police visited the site on Wednesday and spoke to the adults.

A council spokesman said: “Officers were told that the travellers intend to move on by Wednesday.

“We have provided waste bins and commenced welfare checks as is standard in these situations, and once the checks have finished, we will commence the eviction process.”

Because of the bank holiday weekend, it is expected that the eviction process will not begin until early next week.

This year’s group is larger than the party from last year, where there were nine caravans, pulled by cars, with number plates from Sweden, Germany and France.

At that time police were told that they were members of the same family who had come from Norway, travelling through Scotland and Blackpool before arriving in Preston.

Lancashire Constabulary said they had no reports of call outs to the Ashton Park area for incidents in the past week.