Tories turn on party leader

Coun Geoff Driver
Coun Geoff Driver
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Conservative members of Lancashire County Council have “serious concerns” about decisions made by their leader while in charge of the county hall, it has been claimed.

And the concerns, which arose after it was revealed a telecare deal signed by party leader Councillor Geoff Driver would have overcharged the council by £1.4m, could even lead to a vote of no confidence, it has been suggested.

Coun Driver signed the deal with One Connect three days before the election in May which the Tories lost.

The contract has now been cancelled by the ruling Labour administration.

A Conservative source said: “There are serious concerns in the party about these decisions.

“As well as the One Connect deal, people are concerned about the way Geoff Driver treated Bill Winlow.”

Coun Driver swore at Lib Dem leader Coun Winlow in a post-election confrontation and has refused to apologise, despite breaching council members’ code of conduct.

Coun Driver insists that the deal would have saved the council millions and provided a better service.

He said: “I have no knowledge of anyone in my own party being concerned about the decisions made.

“If anyone is not happy then they ought to come and speak to me.

“Labour objected to the telecare deal as a politically-motivated vendetta.”